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Turn-Key Home Care Agencies

 Feasibility Study

Accreditation / Compliance

Due Diligence Valuation

Turn-Key Agency Ownership Start-Up

We will create a new agency with a new provider number in a Certified Home Care Agency (not a franchise), often accredited in less than six months from the start date in your name and corporation.

Our service includes: Set-up and administration of  customized operations documentation, business and marketing plans with current policies and procedures in place-fully CMS compliant-functioning with staff contracts and suppliers -  accredited with current state and CMS requirements. (CHAP, ACHC or Joint Commission standards)

We also offer participation plans to help you finance the start-up costs and guiding your business along the operational regulations and compliance process.

Now is a good time to begin the process . . .  call us to get started: (773) 359-3312.

Group Home or New Start-up Analysis

Start-up financial scenario, showing:

1. Marketing, technology, and labor expenses

2. Cash Management, budget, financial resources

3. Accreditation preparation costs and time-line

4. A business narrative including a SWOT analysis, a comprehensive report analyzing the competitive landscape, return on investment and success outlook three, five and ten year plans.








Now is a good time to add home care service to your Group Home or community clinic . . .

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We simplify the process of accreditation by working with your team to assess areas of exposure, and delivering your solution as training or a ‘mock survey’ to assure your full compliance with CMS standards - quickly, effectively and with the peace of mind you desire.


Now is a good time to begin to plan the process . . .  call us to get started: (773) 359-3312.


Since 2004, Astralis Consulting has helped new start-up home health agencies profit in very competitive markets using tested business management techniques. We can help you calculate the right price when you're ready to buy or sell an agency including a  calculation of total compensation program values.

Now is a good time to start the process . . .  call us to get started: (773) 359-3312.

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